Update from Canadian Inmate in California Prison

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March 26, 2002

To: Rev. Gucci

Enclosed please find some information I came across I thought might
interest you.

My mom contactedthe governor's office as you suggested. She received
non-commital response from the B.P.T. Director. The Director
forwarded my supporting documentation at the end of last year. He
indicated he would not view my transfer favourably if Canada didn't
keep me incarcerated similar to what California intends.

I'm still waiting for Canada to respond.


Gary S. Couch, #P64156
M.C.S.P., B8-125Up
P.O. Box 409000
Ione, CA 95640



2002 Budget Analysis: Judiciary and Criminal Justice, Department of
Corrections (5240) -

Judiciary & Criminal Justice
Legislative Analyst's Office
Analysis of the 2002-03 Budget Bill

Department of Corrections (5240)

The California Department of Corrections (CDC) is responsible for the
incarceration, training, education, and care of adult felons and non-
felon narcotic addicts. It also supervises and treats parolees
released to the community.

The department now operates 33 institutions, including a central
medical facility, a treatment center for narcotic addicts under civil
commitment, and a substance abuse treatment facility for incarcerated
felons. The CDC system also includes 12 reception centers to process
newly committed prisoners; 16 community correctional facilities; 38
fire and conservation camps; the Richard A. McGee Correctional
Training Center; 34 community reentry, restitution, and drug
treatment programs; 136 parole offices; and 4 outpatient psychiatric
services clinics.

Budget Proposal

The budget proposes total expenditures of $4.8 billion for CDC in
2002-03. This is $28 million, or about 1 percent, below the revised
estimate for current-year expenditures. The primary causes of this
decrease are a projected decline in the inmate population and a
proposed shift of funding for certain programs from the General Fund
to special funds.

General Fund Expenditures. Propsoed General Fund expenditures for the
budget year total almost $4.7 billion, a decrease of $2.2 million, or
less than 1 percent, below the revised current-year estimate.

FEDERAL FUND EXPENDITURES. The Governor's budget assumes that the
state will receive about $208 million from the federal government
during 2002-03 as partial reimbursement of CDC's costs (estimated to
be $567 million in the budget year) of incarcerating inmates in
prison and supervising felons on parole who are illegally in the
United States and have committed crimes in California. [**]
This is $50 million higher than the state is estimated to receive in
the current year. The federal funds are not included in CDC's budget
display, but instead are scheduled as "offsets" to its total state
General Fund expenditures.

[** Questioning parole for illegal aliens. Note: there is no parole
with deportation.]

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