Please forward this to the Nigerian Consulates:

AICAP <deportee@...>

From: "graham davis" <grahamdavis01@...>
Date: Sun Apr 7 13:08:35 2002
To: aicap@...
Subject: assistance

Dear Sir,
I am the Chairman Contract Review Committee of Federal
Authority of Nigeria (FAAN).
Although this proposal might come to you as a surprise
it is coming from someone you do not know or ever seen
but after due deliberation with my colleagues, I
decided to contact
you based on Intuition.
We are soliciting for your humble and confidential
to take custody of Eighteen Million, Five Hundred
Thousand United States Dollars.{US$18,500,000.00}.
This sum (US$18.5M) is an over invoice contract sum
which is currently
in Apex Bank of Nigeria as an unclaimed contract
entitlement which can easily
be withdrawn or drafted or pay to any recommended
beneficiary by my committee.
On this note, you will be presented as a contractor to
FAAN who has executed a
contract to a tune of the above sum and has not been
Our law prohibit a civil servant from operating a
foreign account,
hence we are contacting you.
If this proposal satisfies you, do response as soon as
with the following information:
1. The name you wish to use as the beneficiary of the
2. Your Confidential Phone and Fax Numbers.

Further discussion will be centered on how the fund
shall be transfer
and your commission for fronting for us.
Thank you and God bless.

Best regards,

Graham Davis

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