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Couple of books in the works.
    Posted by:  joetmedicret@... joetmedicret
    Date: Tue Jul 10, 2018 8:10 pm ((PDT))

First, this isn't a shameless plug or an attempt to sell anything. Rather it is just another way to show that while some of us may have been incarcerated, we can make it when we get on the outside. That said, from the time I was 16 until I was 24, I was in and out of jail and prison. In 1987, I decided I was done doing life on the installment plan. I got out and without help put myself thru EMT class, got a job and took care of my family. In 98, I got my Paramedic. People don't realize just how hard that is for a Felon and even if you get in, you get your balls broke because of your past. On 10/2/02, I had to stop working because I caught something on the job. workers comp fought me tooth and nail for years. I had no income, watched everything I did manage to earn get taken away and they were in the mist of taking my home. I asked for help and was told, eventually you will get some money, we can't help you. So I did something stupid and wound up in Fed. I did my time and swore I would not do anything illegal even if I had to and I have done that. Federal, unlike State actually taught me a few things. I was released in 2007 and I have managed to do well so far. While I still can't work until I get my transplant surgery, I managed to take online college courses and earned my Paralegal as well as an AS in Law and I am now 3 classes shy of my BS. I have always wanted to help, while I was in and after I got out and I have done some things to do that with individual guys. It's hard out here but you can make it. Recently I said I wanted to try and help in a different way. When you hear the metal on metal closing behind you or those damn sliding doors close and the keys jingling, you never forget it but when it happens, you feel like all of your rights are gone. You do lose a lot of them, but you retain some as well. So I am halfway through with writing "The Prisoners Rights Handbook" which I am probably going to market thru Amazon. I then plan to write a Prisoners or Prison Survival book. I also plan to do a book about an incident that happened in Minnesota in 2015. Two of these books are geared towards helping those locked up as well as showing their family some things to help them worry less about their loved ones on the inside. So those are the books. But more importantly, It may be hard for everyone when released, but we were strong enough to survive on the inside, so we need to show that same strength out here. We can make it out here!!!

 Joe T. (CT# 104670 - BOP# 16323-014)
 Sad been out of CT jails and prisons since 87 and still remember my number and still remember my fed number 11 years later.

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