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Dear Aicap,

FAMM is teaming up with HBO to host several screenings of "The Sentence," a Sundance Film Festival Award-winning new documentary that captures one family's experience with federal drug mandatory minimum sentencing laws. The movie, which premieres on HBO in October, is raw and powerful. It will strike a chord with families who have been forced to endure the hardship of a loved one’s incarceration, and, I hope, open the eyes of those who have not.

Below is a list of dates and places where FAMM will be hosting (or co-hosting) screenings:

9/11 — Georgetown Law School, Washington, D.C.
9/19 — Arizona State University Law School, Phoenix, Ariz.
9/24 — Stetson Law School, Gulfport, Fla.
9/25 — Temple Law School, Philadelphia, Penn.
9/29 — National Civil Rights Museum, Memphis, Tenn.

We will be following up with more information about these screenings with those of you who live nearby one of them. In addition, FAMM will be asking YOU to host watch parties once the movie premieres in October. Please be on the lookout for more information in the next few weeks.


Kevin Ring
President, FAMM

1100 H Street NW | Suite 1000 | Washington, D.C. 20005 | Tel: (202) 822-6700
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