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  • 30 Mar 2019
  • Toronto Star

Show compassion for parolees


Re 'Puppet master' Todorovic back behind bars, DiManno, March 27

I am a great admirer of Rosie DiManno for her style and substance, and, of course, for her great sports writing. But she seems to be lacking in compassion, a basic human trait that is getting scarce in our society when dealing with people who commit a crime and then pay their dues for it.

First with Karla Homolka and now with Melissa Todorovic, she seems unrelenting. They both committed or participated in heinous crimes, but both went through a rigorous judicial system and were set free after serving their sentences.

Todorovic perpetrated her crime at age 15 and her parole officer said recently that “she had made significant strides in dealing with jealousy and rage.”

Yet, DiManno writes, “Todorovic’s de facto position has always been to kill or have killed. Not a word she speaks can be believed.”

Our world is crying for compassion, Rosie. Let’s be kind to those who once failed, even their victims might agree if they could. Jaime Oksemberg, Toronto


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