An International View of Prisons

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An International View of Prisons
Crime And Punishment Series in Ottawa Citizen,
including articles on U.S.,

Bars and Stripes--Canadian Views of U.S. Prisons
After three decades of getting tough on crime, the
U.S. is the world's top
jailer, with a quarter of all the prisoners on the
planet now behind
American bars. But are the overcrowded prisons and
skyrocketing costs worth

Behind bars-The case against an American style
justice system. Across the
world, politicians have heard that the U.S. has
found the solution to crime,
but the American illusion of safety through
punishment has been bought at an
awful expense.

Law And Disorder--Commit a serious crime in one
state, and you'll do hard
time. Cross the state border, and you may not.
Either way, it doesn't seem
to make much difference to the crime rate.

Comparing Canadian, European and U.S. Prison
Lawn chairs and razor wire, barbecues and armed
guards: Bath Institution
sums up the Canadian struggle to choose between
U.S.-style hard time and
European-style rehab.

Advocacy Tools
An Advocate's Guide to the Media,2521,254864,00.html?U=133607
From the Ground Up! A Workbook on Coalition
Building & Community

National Roundtable for Women in Prison --
June 20 - 23
The 10th annual conference in New York City
sponsored by the Women's Prison
Association and Home, Inc.

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