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Canada's Immigration Program – Honesty is the best policy
The Asian Pacific Post
A client of mine recently returned to Canada after being incarcerated in the US for nearly four years. He is a permanent resident of Canada and he was ...’s-immigration-program-–-honesty-best-policy.html

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Imprisoned Ex-Virginia Lawmaker Looks to Trump for Pardon
U.S. News & World Report
Hamilton was sentenced to nearly 10 years in prison after being convicted in 2011 of securing a job as director of a teacher training center he helped ...


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State advocates work every day to challenge mass incarceration and racial disparity in the criminal justice system. Summer offers an opportunity to build momentum for policy and organizing goals. Over the next few months, many state advocates will reflect on campaign wins and identify next steps to counter setbacks. They will plan grassroots activities, identify campaign next steps, and engage in political education.

Grassroots Advocacy Planning

Challenging mass incarceration requires a range of policy goals like recalibrating lengthy prison terms and addressing collateral consequences such as felony disenfranchisement. No matter the policy priority, state advocates can work with their members and coalition partners to plan grassroots advocacy strategies. Key elements of effective advocacy recognize that advocacy planning starts long before winning a reform goal.

  • Assess past efforts and identify obstacles: State advocates can review successful strategies and apply them to new initiatives or consider how other winning efforts might assist in shaping new campaigns.
  • Inventory grassroots resources: Building support by connecting with potential coalition partners, recruiting new volunteers, and identifying new communication tactics can help prepare state campaigns for the next step in criminal justice reform.
  • Develop a grassroots plan: Working backwards from a policy goal can help grassroots advocates achieve benchmarks to develop timelines and a dynamic campaign plan. Determining what has to be in place to achieve strategic goals can help organizations and individuals with limited capacity prioritize resources and identify next realistic goals.

Moving an Agenda

Summer planning offers time for engaging with stakeholders including organizational partners and campaign supporters. Advocates can take the next few months to undertake landscape research, establish a community engagement strategy, and develop a shared analysis.

  • Landscape Research – Advocates working on criminal justice reform can assess how their priority is different in the current environment. How might the upcoming midterm election shift the policy environment? How does the issue campaign align with the broad social justice environment?
  • Community Engagement – Informal and formal coalition support can help amplify reform goals. Advocates can schedule one-on-one conversations to educate potential supporters.
  • Shared Analysis ­– Organizers can work with leaders and members on a shared analysis that can help advance common goals to challenge mass incarceration. Starting a reading group with coalition partners can help. Books like Start Here: A Roadmap to Reduce Mass Incarceration and Caught: The Prison State and the Lockdown of American Politics offer pragmatic suggestions for those engaged in reform campaigns.

State Reform News

  • Louisiana – Governor John Bel Edwards signed a law restoring voting rights five years after completion of a sentence. HB 265 goes into effect in March of 2019.
  • Michigan – State lawmakers plan for prison closure to reduce state correctional costs.
  • Missouri – Former Governor Eric Greitens signed SB 793, requiring that youth under the age of 18 be prosecuted for most criminal offenses in juvenile courts unless the child is certified as an adult.
  • Pennsylvania – State lawmakers and organizers started “Redemption Tour” in support of SB 942. The legislation would allow an individual sentenced to life in prison to be considered for parole after spending 15 years in prison.
  • Washington – Governor Jay Inslee signed SB 6160, a measure that allows youth convicted in adult court to stay in the state juvenile corrections system  until they turn 25, rather than being transferred to a prison when they turn 21.
  • Wisconsin – Coalition working to reduce prison admissions for parole revocations and calling for closure of correctional facility.

State advocates join Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards as he signs legislation restoring voting rights five years after completion of a sentence. Source: VOTE



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Parents Reportedly Told They Can Reunite With Children By Choosing Voluntary Deportation
A fact sheet released by the Department of Homeland Security on Saturday specified that “a parent who is ordered removed from the U.S. may request ...

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Quebec man pleads guilty to conspiracy for distributing drugs in Akwesasne
ALBANY — A Quebec man who operated a drug trafficking operation that distributed oxycodone in Akwesasne faces up to 20 years in a U.S. prison ...

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Opinion | How Chrystia Freeland became the (unofficial) deputy prime ...
1 day ago - A cabinet shuffle may well be coming in the next couple of months in Ottawa, but Prime Minister Justin Trudeau seems to have already jumped ..

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Diplomats-turned-refugees: Foreign nationals claiming asylum at embassies, consulates
Sun, 24 Jun 2018 04:00:00 EDT
More than 100 people with diplomatic status in Canada have claimed asylum here in the last two years.

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Amazon, Microsoft and Google Face Backlash over ICE, Military Deals
The letter also demanded that Amazon ban Palantir, the data firm that provides intelligence to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and ...

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Trudeau must end the safe third country agreement with the US
When desperate people cross from the U.S. into Canada via unguarded back ... The 1951 treaty specifies that governments can incarcerate would-be ...

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US Military Plans for Guantanamo to Stay Open Indefinitely
Voice of America
US Military Plans for Guantanamo to Stay Open Indefinitely ... When the original prison opened officials did not know how long the U.S. planned ... in an unusually open way when a group of news reporters recently visited the base.

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Jogger accidentally crosses US border from Canada and is held for two weeks
The Guardian
Vehicles line up to enter the US at the border crossing between Blaine, Washington, and White Rock, British Columbia, but along the beach where ..

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Exclusive: Airline Flies Snowbirds to Mexico, Deports Immigrants for ICE
Daily Beast
The main image on the ICE Air Operations website shows a 737-4Q8, ... Xtra Airways has been working with DHS and ICE since at least 2013, when ...

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That Time the US Almost Went to War With Canada
Since President Donald Trump lambasted Canadian Prime Minister Justin ... In 1861, during the Civil War, the U.S. Navy arrested two Confederate ...

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Mocking Canada, Trump Singles Out Shoppers Who Cross The Border
"When Canada sends their people they don't send us their best. ... We get the message #canada I don't want to get arrested at the border for shoe ...

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Canadians Who've Used Pot Can Be Forever Barred From Entering the United States
Mother Jones
Canadians on the no-entry list who want to visit the United States can apply ... Conservative lawmakers, largely opposed to legalization, accused the ...


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Toronto real estate tycoon's son who wrote novel about killings convicted of murder
Wed, 20 Jun 2018 16:51:16 EDT
A Canadian real estate tycoon's son who wrote a graphic novel that features gruesome killings has been convicted of the torture and mutilation of a live-in girlfriend who had just given birth to their child in California.

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Bring back for better
The Kathmandu Post
Through sentence transfer, an inmate in a foreign jail is sent to a prison located in ... sentence transfer provisions into their international agreements.

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Ex-CIA worker charged with leaking secrets

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