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HOLISTIC LAWYERING ~ "Every [wo]man is a fluid that becomes solid, a history in the making, a personality that is being credited. And our progress, or our disintegration, depends on physical, chemical, and physiological influences, and finally, on our own will. We are constantly being made by our environment and by our self." ~Alexis Carrell [Natural Health Project] Angelic Alignment: I align myself with Universal Harmony. I align myself with the Goddess. I am in alignment with God. I am in alignment with my guardian angel (or Spirit Guides). So mote it be. "Freedom of Religion means ALL Religions." (~AREN) Angel Goddess Ministry ULC Charter ~~~~ Original AG-News-Updates New AG Listgroup Original AICAP Listgroup New AICAP AIFAP Listgroups DATABASE of Canadian Women Detained in U.S. ~In commemoration of Al FedriGucci estate, founder of AICAP/AIFAP, an AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL spinoff- ~ PEACE MEDALLION NOMINEE ~ ( ) "We do not see things the way they are; we see things the way we are." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
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